But hey, what's in the pack?

31 hand-crafted flat minimalistic superhero icons

All with carefully selected colors, tailored to represent the most well-known superheroes of all times. There is no unnecessary curve, just the right ones. I bet you’ll fall in love on first sight.

All the formats you need

Playing with layers in Photoshop? You bet there’s a lot of toys in the pack. Need vectors for scaling up a little? Yup, you can choose between .ai, .eps or .pdf. No graphic software? Don’t worry, you’ll find .jpg and .png as well!

Circles or squares? You choose!

Shape is a matter of taste. That’s why I prepared for you all those sexy superhero icons in both circle and square shapes. So yeah, you can enjoy either the strength of 360 degrees or the power of right angles!

Our special superhero - Fleaty the geek bug!

All the superheroes are great for the normal world, but what about the geek world? Yes, here comes Fleaty the geek bug, superhero you know from Smashing Magazine. He's in the gang, too!

But do I actually really need those?

Of course! Everybody needs superheroes in these insecure times! You can use superhero icons to create minimalistic posters, super cool stickers for your batmobile or for any other great project - it’s up to you!

What superheroes are we talking about?

Captain America
Captain Marvel
Captain Obvious
Cat Woman

Dare Devil
Dead Pool
Fantastic Four
Greatest American Hero
Green Arrow

Green Lantern
Hulk (2x)
Iron Man (also 2x)
Red Tornado

Wonder Woman

Enough talking. Time to get the gang!

That’s right, be my hero and download this little piece of awesomeness.
Or if you think that someone else would love it, tweet about it!
Either way - thank you!

Who's responsible for this?

You want to know who I am? Sweet! My name is Ondra, I come from lovely little country in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic. When I’m not making love with pixels, I’m probably somewhere travelling around the globe. But no matter where I am now, you can always find me on Twitter.